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Plastic Raw Materials

EPS , SBR , NBR , BR, IIR ,SBS, Silicone rubber , EPDM, EPM, BBK, Latex , Textile fiber

Butadiene styrene rubber

Product details:
Name: SBR1502
Model number: 1502
Place of origin: Korea, Russia, China
Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Detail: 35kg/bag
Delivery Detail: within 15 days after payment
Payment terms: 30% T/T in advance or L/C at sight.

1. We can supply SBR1502, SBR1712, SBR1500E, SSBR T2000R, SSBR T2530.
2. Application could be tyres, shoes.
3. The products are of high quality and low price . We can also send you the free sample for your testing.